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Welcome to Nameplate UK

Nameplate UK specialises in custom name plate manufacture and metal printing.

We also offer an extensive range of screen printing, digital and component printing, etching, engraving, stamping and sublimation printing – see Services.

Serving industries from transport to beverages and establishments from offices to schools, our standard and bespoke products range from signs and labels to metal invitations and promotional displays – see Products.
Our friendly and experienced team are happy to discuss your needs and offer expert advice.

Our Services

screen-printingScreen Printing
A method used on a wide range of products from signage to components.

Computer Cut Graphics
Ideal for low volume, high colour, and creative shapes.

Component Printing
We use a variety of methods to print directly onto the materials you provide.


An electrochemical process which thickens and strengthens aluminium, making it more durable

sublimination-printingPad Printing
Ideal for irregular shapes.

Digital Printing
For short runs of high quality print onto roll-fed materials such as vinyl.

Used for low volume work where a permanent image is essential.

engravingDesign Studio
We can work from your ideas, whether rough sketches or more detailed plans, or we can create bespoke designs.

sublimination-printingSublimation Printing
Hard-wearing and modern, with a wide variety of uses.

Chemical etching provides the ultimate long lasting finish.

Used to stamp, punch or mark a material.

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